For young people of 16-Plus

Based in the West Midlands we support Young adults who are making the transition from care to independent living

We provide a nurturing and caring residential home environment for young people through our expert team. They receive guidance and reassurance so that they can flourish and live fulfilling lives.

We follow the processes of the Care Leaver’s Charter to ensure that all young people are provided with a consistent and excellent standard of care.

Our 16 plus services provides multiple and osr sole occupancy accommodation for young people who are able to live independently with support. Registered with CQC we have m properties where young people reside with of support packages which reflects their needs.

We support them to:

  • Develop practical domestic skills like cooking healthy meals, doing the laundry, budgeting their own money, and attending activities for their health and well being

  • Choose their education, training, and employment goals

  • Identify their financial requirements

    Empower them to make choices

  • Support their emotional needs and support mental well being

  • Understand their housing options and rights Access to counselling and support in areas such as drug and alcohol, sexuality, sexual health, anger management, self- harm, safeguarding etc.

  • Financial advice

  • Access to advocacy services

  • Support in joining the Care Leavers Association

Do you, your family member, or your client need this support? Contact us to learn more about what we do.