Live in Care

Do you or your family member require 24-hour support your own home?

Live-in care through Prayngel is an alternative to care homes when you are struggling with the challenges of living at home.

Prayngel will provide continuity, with all the comforts of your own home, where life can go on with a reliable normality.  

The expertise we have from providing high-quality live-in care can be applied with equal value to adults who are living with disability, elderly, young adults and Complex needs.

Mental health problems

Learning and physical disabilities

Dementia/Alzheimers (EMI)

Complex Needs

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We offer a comprehensive range of flexible care to meet the changing needs and requirement of each person. We offer:

What Live-in carers do

Our dedicated live-in team of carers can live in your home and provide you with continuous care day and night. You are assured that you have someone to support you and share companionship with you.

Night and Day Care

We offer night and day care to support for you to live comfortably and receive essential care in your house We offer the following

Sleeping Night– designed for individuals and families who may require a limited amount of care throughout the night.

Waking Day/ Night– designed for you if you require a high level of support throughout the day and night and so your carer would be awake throughout the night and a different Carer during the day to support you.

Book a free, no obligation care assessment today. We will identify your care needs free of charge so that you can make informed choices about using our services.